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Narrative Architects was founded in 2020 by Hwang Namin and Kim Sihong. Our aim is to provide positive solutions for architecture and society through architectural concepts and design ideas.

We consider the cultural background, perspectives, and personal or collective experiences associated with the projects. Our work begins with understanding the surrounding context and expresses the unique meanings of each project through various elements such as form, space, materials, and imagery. We embrace an extensive approach to architecture, seeking to understand and propose the environment, cultural aspects, and social context in which the building is situated in a unique way. Our goal is to foster a healthy interaction between architecture and society.


Hwang Namin, Architect / KIRA

Hwang Namin graduated from the Department of Architecture at Seoul National University and co-founded and operates Narrative Architects. She aims to expand the context of solutions that can converge thoughts from various fields into architecture. Hwang is active as a public architect and member of the public architecture review committee in Wonju City, a planning and design architect at Seoul National University, and a GH Young Architect at Gyeonggi Housing and Urban Corporation.

Kim Sihong,  Architect / KIRA  

Kim Sihong graduated from the Department of Architecture at Dongguk University and received a master's degree from the same graduate school. After years of practical experience, Kim co-founded and has been operating Narrative Architects. He aims to propose architectural concepts based on context through projects, and recently, he has been focusing on constructing environments through the informality of urban and natural elements.




Gangneung Unification Park Observatory, Winner

Tallinn - Seoul Timber Pavilion

Dong daemun Library International Competition

Jinju National Museum International Competition

Korea University LMR Lab & Faculty office Interior design

Tartu Downtown Cultural Centre International Competition, 4th prize

Julpo Urban Regeneration Warehouse Renovation

Gyeonggi Gwangju Libreria del Tigre Extension & Renovation

Jeolla Confucianism promotion agency, 3rd prize


Julpo Urban Regeneration Basecamp Extension & Renovation

Andong Onhye House

Buan Art Factory

Jin House

Carpenstreet HQ Interior design

Songjiho Visitor Center, 2nd prize

Saewon Complex Community Center, 2nd prize


Wanju Brewery, Winner

Buan Art Factory, Winner

Gumi Urban Regeneration Center, 3rd prize

Cheongju Seowon Youth Culture Center, 3rd prize

Improving access to the CMOA and Memorial, 2nd prize


MCST-Seoul Public Art Project 1, Finalist


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Exhibitions & etc.

GH Young Architect, 2024 -

Seoul National University planning and design architects, 2022 -

Wonju Public Architect, 2022 -

Innovative architect for school space design, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, 2022 -

Gyeonggi Children's Museum, 2020

Kaywon University of Art and Design, open campus lecture, 2020


2024 iF Design Award: Architecture Design, Buan Art Factory

2023 The Good Place Awards in Korea: The Minister's Award, Buan Art Factory

2023 Red Dot Award: Design Concept, Buan Art Factory

2023 Gangwon Architecture culture Festival, Jin House


3F, 35, Toegye-ro 36-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 04625

T (+82) 070-8864-0703 

F (+82) 0504-090-9864

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