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Buan Art Factory, 2022


Jin House, 2022

        on site 

안동 온혜리 단독주택, 2023



Wanju brewery, 2022

 work in process 

줄포면 도시재생 거점공간 스튜디오, 2023

Dolmen Table, 2021

Songjiho Visitor Center, 2022

2nd prize

Saewon Complex Community Center, 2022

2nd prize

Cheongju Youth Culture Center, 2021

3rd prize

MCST-Seoul Public Art Project 2, 2020

3rd prize

Gumi Urban Regeneration Center, 2021

2nd prize

Improving access to the CMOA, 2021



Untact Bench, 2020

Recycling center in Seongbuk, 2020

International Design Competition for Library Songdo, 2020


The Salt Table, 2021

Seoul Kaleidoscope, 2020


MCST-Seoul Public Art Project 1, 2020

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